These Four Things May Change Your Mind

We get it — Big Oil is the energy provider you know. It sounds like price-gouging doesn’t feel personal to you. Here are a few facts that may just change your mind about Big Oil:

  • Big Oil’s record profits are enriching their already wealthy CEOs and shareholders, while those same CEOs price-gouge families who are struggling to afford their energy bills. And they’re not going to stop:

  • Even though Big Oil CEOs are raking in the profits, they’ve laid off over 120,000 employees since the pandemic began.
  • Big Oil is quite literally the largest contributor to the climate crisis, which is already impacting over 80% of Americans.
  • The good news? We have the solutions to lower prices for families right now and secure affordable, reliable energy independence from unpredictable forces and Big Oil greed: clean energy. All that’s left is for Congress to act now.

Feeling differently about Big Oil’s price-gouging? Ready to demand Congress lower costs for families and invest in our clean energy future?

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