We Need Serious Questions on Climate and Environmental Justice

Demand NBC’s Kristen Welker ask serious questions about tackling the climate crisis and fighting for environmental justice.

NBC’s Kristen Welker will ask Joe Biden and Donald Trump about climate change in the final debate on Thursday, October 22nd.

We know the science isn’t up for debate. The climate crisis is here. America does not have time for science denial. We need bold solutions. And that’s why we need Kristen Welker to ask Joe Biden and Donald Trump serious questions about their plans to tackle climate change and address environmental injustices. Kristen Welker needs to hear directly from voters like you about how climate change is impacting your community and why the climate crisis is an urgent issue that demands serious questions about the candidate’s plans for the country.

We’re collecting questions from Americans demanding answers from Joe Biden and Donald Trump about what they will do to tackle climate change and fight for environmental justice — and we need your help.

You can write or record your question below — neither take more than a few minutes!

Let’s get started:

WRITE: Submit a short written question about the climate crisis that you’d like to Kristen Welker to ask Joe Biden or Donald Trump during the town hall:


RECORD: Film a short selfie video telling Joe Biden or Donald Trump why you’re in the fight for climate action or environmental justice, and tell Kristen Welker what question you have for the candidates:

Climate change touches all of us every day — from pollution disproportionately impacting communities of color to the air we breathe and the water we drink, and the devastating effects of extreme weather and climate fires.

Your voice is a critical part of the climate movement — and your story can make all the difference in making sure Kristen Welker asks serious questions about the climate crisis during the town hall debate.

If you’re not sure where to start or want to know what kind of questions others are asking, check out some of our latest submissions below:

What are you going to contribute to the environmental and conservational injustice in the USA?
—Sheila (Sioux Falls, SD)
Because we’ve seen horrendous forest fires getting more abundant and happening being more out of control, what will be planned for battling these fires over the next 4 years by the presidency?
—Nikki (Johnstown, NY)
What is your plan to move our country closer to zero-carbon emissions? How does your plan support working people?
—Jennifer (Oakland, CA)