Trump is Killing Clean Energy Jobs

Trump stifles over a million jobs while focusing on fossil fuel CEOs

President Trump’s war on clean energy and mishandling of the pandemic have cost the U.S. more than 1.1 million clean energy jobs.

  • At least 514,270 clean energy jobs were lost because of Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic: The energy efficiency sector lost 359,976 jobs, renewable electric power generation lost 82,429 jobs, clean vehicles lost 38,193 jobs, grid & storage lost 22,788 jobs, and clean fuels lost 10,882 jobs since the start of the pandemic.
  • Another 622,000 clean energy jobs have been killed by Trump’s war on renewable energy: Between trade wars, letting tax incentives lapse, deprioritizing clean energy development on federal lands, and changing the rules to keep aging coal plants open, Trump’s policies will add up to an additional 622,000 lost jobs in the long run in addition to those lost during the pandemic.
  • Trump killed wind jobs: Trump’s administration withheld approval for the country’s first utility-scale offshore wind project and sought to eliminate the wind power tax credit.
  • Trump killed electric vehicle jobs: Trump’s fuel efficiency standards rollback harmed the clean vehicle industry at the behest of oil and gas CEOs and reduced the competitiveness of U.S. businesses on the global market. The administration’s own analysis showed the rollback could cost hundreds of thousands of jobs.
  • Trump cut renewable energy funding again and again: Trump repeatedly sought deep cuts to renewable energy funding with his budget request for fiscal year 2021 slashing $2 billion in funding from Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programs.

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