Biden’s Visit to North Carolina Highlights What’s at Stake in November: over 12,000 Clean Energy Jobs and Hundreds of Environmental Protections

Raleigh, N.C.  — Today, President Biden visits North Carolina, which stands to lose 12,000 clean energy jobs and $19 Billion in investment if Trump wins the presidency in November. Despite the fact that President Biden’s clean energy plan has created more than 310,000 clean energy jobs across the country, congressional Republicans have already voted to repeal the clean energy plan more than 30 times. According to recent polling, 67% of residents of North Carolina say climate is important to their vote. 

While Trump prioritizes profits over people, President Biden stands up for working families. President Biden made protecting the environment and climate progress a top priority on his first day in office. He put the United States on a path to create 9 million jobs by 2030, cementing American leadership over China in clean energy and cars while tripling American production of clean, renewable energy. President Biden accelerated investments to replace lead pipes and deliver safe drinking water while also slashing soot pollution, preventing asthma attacks and reducing health care costs. 

Meanwhile, months out from the 2024 election, Trump and his allies are already putting the White House up for sale. Weeks before becoming a convicted felon, Trump offered Big Oil companies a “deal”: $1 billion to implement their agenda of crushing clean energy while Big Oil gouges consumers at the pump and rakes in billions.

A second Trump term promises to be, in the words of Politico, “an all-out war on climate science and policies” in which Trump would be, in his own words, a “dictator” on “day one”.  Since the passage of President Biden’s clean energy plan, congressional Republicans have voted to repeal it more than 30 times. If Trump wins in November, his supporters expect a “battle” against climate science in his second term. He’s all but guaranteed to gut the plan, killing 310,000 clean energy jobs and devastating North Carolina’s clean energy economy.