Two Years Later: Clean Energy Boom Brings More than 23,000 Jobs and $16 Billion in Investment to Texas

Austin, Texas — Almost two years after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan is turbocharging the clean energy economy and revitalizing communities across Texas. The clean energy plan has spurred the creation of over 300,000 new jobs nationwide, with Texas home to the second-most new clean energy projects, third-most new clean energy jobs, and fifth-largest investment in the country. Forty-six new clean energy projects in Texas have already spurred $16.45 billion in investment and helped create or move forward over 23,000 good-paying clean energy jobs.

Texas highlights:

“Texas’s booming economy and growing population rely on clean energy to get us through the extreme heat of summer. President Biden is doing his part to support the flourishing Texas clean energy industry that keeps electric bills low and the lights on,” said Colin Leyden, Texas Political Director for the Environmental Defense Action Fund and Climate Power Texas Advisory Board member. “In just two short years, the Biden Clean Energy Plan has spurred nearly $16.5 billion in private investment in the Texas communities that need reliable, low-cost energy and quality jobs the most. It’sIt’s a huge win for domestic manufacturing, for local economies, and for Texas workers  –not to mention the billions of federal dollars flowing to Texans Texans in the form of consumer rebates, tax credits, and local government grants.”

“President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan is bringing good paying manufacturing jobs to Texas — uplifting local economies and lowering energy costs, all while lowering toxic emissions,”said André Crombie, Climate Power’s States Interim Managing Director. “From the Gulf Coast to Central and North Texas, families and workers are benefitting from a surging clean energy economy. Meanwhile, Texas Republicans have tried to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act over 30 times, even though the majority of new clean energy projects are in their districts, disproportionately benefitting their constituents.” 

Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, businesses have the security and stability they need to break ground on new facilities, creating good-paying jobs in the process.