21 Days ‘til Default: 21 $2+ Billion Clean Energy Projects at Risk if MAGA Congressional Extremists’ Default on America Act Becomes Law

Washington, D.C. — Speaker McCarthy and his MAGA Republican colleagues remain out of touch with their constituents as they seek to repeal the very law that spurred major clean energy projects in their districts. Rather than celebrate the economic boom back home, congressional Republicans are choosing to risk thousands of green jobs and energy-saving opportunities that would benefit middle class Americans.

Since President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, there have been 21 $2+ billion projects announced or furthered by clean energy companies across 14 states. Most of these projects are based in GOP House Districts. If Republicans are successful in cutting clean energy incentives, these 21 projects are on the line – amounting to $196.5 billion in funding.

GOP House Districts are home to the three highest-funded clean energy projects:

  • First: $100 billion Micron Facility in NY-22 (Rep. Brandon Williams)
  • Second: $15 billion Micron Facility in ID-2 (Rep. Mark Simpson)
  • Third: $11 billion Texas Instruments Facility in UT-3 (Rep. John Curtis)