Energy Secretary Granholm and WH Senior Advisor Ali Zaidi’s Georgia Visit Will Highlight Booming Clean Energy Economy in the State

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Energy Secretary Granholm and White House Senior Advisor Ali Zaidi’s Georgia Invest in America tour stop will spotlight how the clean energy industry is investing billions to create made-in-America clean energy jobs. The Biden administration’s clean energy plan incentives robust clean energy investments, justly transitioning our clean energy economy, and putting good paying jobs back in the hands of Americans. 

Thanks to President Biden’s affordable clean energy plan, Georgia’s economy is thriving, and is considered a leader in electric vehicle production. Recently NVH Korea announced that they would be investing $72 million in a new EV supply plant, creating 160  jobs in Henry County. In the same week, Polestar, Volvo’s EV division, opened its first dealership, expanding Georgia’s evergrowing EV industry. 

According to Climate Power’s latest Clean Energy Jobs Report, in over six months since the Inflation Reduction Act passed, $13.34 billion has been invested in turbocharging Georgia’s economy, creating 12,888 new clean energy jobs. EV companies alone have invested nearly $9.8 billion and created 8,521 jobs since the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage. 

Here are just some examples of Georgia’s turbocharged clean energy economy: 

  • Hyundai and SK On announced a $5 billion investment to build an EV battery factory in Cartersville, creating 3,500 jobs.
  • QCells announced a $2.5 billion expansion of its solar manufacturing plant in Cartersville, creating 2,500 jobs.
  • Archer Aviation announced a $118 million investment to build an electric vertical aircraft manufacturing facility in Georgia, creating 1,000 jobs.
  • Sewon America announced a $400 million investment to manufacture auto body parts in Rincon to supply Hyundai’s EV factory, creating 740 jobs.
  • Joon Georgia announced a $317 million investment in a Bullock County automotive parts manufacturing facility to supply Hyundai’s EVs, creating 630 jobs.

President Biden’s clean energy plan is invigorating the state’s economy. By some estimates, the landmark agenda is projected to increase Georgia’s GDP by $4.8 billion and create more than 34,000 jobs in the state. 

Please reach out to Jasmine at [email protected] if you are interested in speaking to Georgia leaders about the state’s clean energy economy and Energy Secretary Granholm’s visit.