Trump Delivers For Fossil Fuel Special Interests

Trump gave the fossil fuel industry nearly everything they asked for. Now, where are those 25 million new jobs he promised the American people?

Trump has failed to deliver on his promise to create 25 million jobs for American workers:

  • Upon inauguration, Trump promised to create 25 million jobs over ten years. In reality, the U.S. economy has lost almost 7.9 million jobs since Trump took office, and over 14.4 million jobs have been lost since January 2020.
  • Trump can’t blame the pandemic for his failure to live up to his bold jobs promises. Even before the pandemic hit (and Trump failed to respond to it), job creation in Trump’s first three years was less than the preceding three years under Obama and far behind the pace needed to meet his campaign promise of 25 million new jobs.

While Trump has failed on his promise to deliver jobs, he has given his fossil fuel CEO buddies nearly everything they’ve asked for. Learn more here.