Donald Trump wanted to let the auto industry die

Donald Trump has always been a conman. He built his entire career ripping off working people. Now that he’s running for President again, Trump has a new con: claiming to be on the side of union workers.

The truth: Trump was the most anti-union president in modern history, weakening union protections and siding with corporations over workers in collective bargaining agreements. Trump even said he would have allowed auto companies to go bankrupt in the 2008 financial crisis – which would have led to hundreds of thousands of auto workers losing their jobs. Now, Trump’s claiming EVs are going to kill the auto industry. Trump’s agenda crushes Michigan’s auto workers and destroys the union fighting for them.

We know clean energy investments happening now are creating thousands of good-paying union jobs and helping to reduce emissions. EVs aren’t just good for our climate, they’re good for the future of Michigan’s workers.

Help protect good-paying union jobs.

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