Building America’s Clean Energy Future


The growing electric vehicle industry is an example of what is possible. It supports jobs across manufacturing, maintenance, sales, research, and other fields — there are already more than 270,000 Americans employed in the electric vehicle industry and the number is rising rapidly.

These jobs have a real impact on our lives. Gas-powered vehicles are the biggest driver of the toxic pollution that causes climate change, while also causing asthma and other respiratory diseases — even death. Electric vehicles are not just better for our environment, they’re better for our health and better for our wallets. EVs are the most cost-effective vehicles out there and save drivers over ten thousand dollars on fuel.


The climate crisis is here. From brutal heat waves and raging wildfires to devastating hurricanes and floods — extreme weather is getting more and more dangerous every year in communities across the country. Intensifying conditions are straining our energy grid, destroying homes and businesses, claiming American lives, and destroying livelihoods.

Americans need bold and immediate investments in clean energy to create millions of good-paying jobs, build resilient communities, and reduce pollution that is fueling these climate disasters. It’s time to act. To save our planet. To build a clean energy economy. To protect our future.


We must build a 21st century economy that prioritizes justice and equity for communities disproportionately impacted by COVID, the economic crisis, racism, and climate disasters. The people living on the frontlines of climate change, environmental degradation, and pollution are often low-income families and people of color. We can’t afford to allow these injustices to continue as we build a nation powered by clean energy. Clean energy can instead be a key tool to ending these unfair burdens and building resilient communities. We must invest directly in low-income communities and communities of color to help us build a just and equitable clean energy future.


Investing in clean energy jobs means modernizing the nation’s power lines, manufacturing electric vehicles, installing solar panels and wind turbines, retrofitting our schools and offices to be more energy efficient, and developing longer duration batteries and energy storage. And, it means we can safeguard our families and neighborhoods, and create millions of new, good-paying jobs.

Millions of jobs in cities, suburbs, and rural communities across America — 75 percent of which won’t require a college degree — will be created across the country. Plus, investing in clean energy will save Americans millions of dollars by lowering utility bills.

We can put millions of Americans to work, reduce pollution, create a more reliable power grid, build clean energy infrastructure, and take on climate change.

This is the future we can build — together.