And the future is ours to make.

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This moment in history requires bold thinking and bold action. To defeat the climate crisis. To fight for environmental  justice. To recover from COVID-19. To create millions of good paying jobs in a clean energy economy. To build America back BETTER. 

Our leaders—from the White House to state houses across the country—must seize this urgent moment to deliver immediate action on climate change and build a clean energy economy that creates millions of good paying jobs. 

The future is ours to make. Let’s fight for it. 


$790 billion

is what air pollution is already estimated to cost our economy.

$649 billion

in subsidies go to oil and gas companies in the United States every year.

3.4 million

workers were employed in clean energy and energy efficiency at the start of 2020.

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Climate change touches all of us—from the air we breathe to the water we drink, to the devastating effects of extreme weather. Your story has the power to change the conversation. Share yours and tell us why you’re in this fight.

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The jobs of the future are here NOW. This is our moment to act on climate change and build a clean energy economy that creates millions of good-paying jobs.

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