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Climate Power En Acción

En Acción is a project of Climate Power focused on reaching and mobilizing Latinos on climate and the impact of a green economy.

En Acción’s Mission: Lead the climate narrative for Latinos to protect and advance climate progress.

En Acción’s Vision: We envision a future where the majority of Latinos around the country prioritize climate as a kitchen-table issue and understand that climate progress is essential for the well-being of the Latino community.


Launched in July 2023, Climate Power En Acción is driving the political climate narrative for Latinos while informing, reaching, and connecting them to the impact of a clean energy economy through four areas: communications, paid media, partnerships, and disinformation.

Last year, we landed over 700 media hits with Latino media outlets. In the previous three years, we positioned Climate Power as a key player in the climate narrative prevalent in Latino media.

Latinos are a key demographic to push for climate action.

  • 18


    Latinos are the second-largest group of voters in the country with 18 million registered voters.

  • 83


    An overwhelming 83% of Latinos note that they were worried about the increase in planet temperature.

  • 388


    388 new clean energy projects in small towns and large cities across the country since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in August 2022, totaling $310 billion in new investments.

Climate Power En Acción

Watch Antonieta Cádiz Vargas, the Deputy Executive Director for Climate Power En Acción, introducing Climate Power En Acción.

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