About Climate Power En Acción

What do we do?

En Acción is a Climate Power project made by and for Latinos, aimed at supporting a green economy transition and cementing climate progress for future generations. We envision a future where the majority of Latinos around the country prioritize climate as a kitchen-table issue and mobilize consistently to elect climate champions.

Our 2024 Goals

Sell the benefits of Climate Action

Block efforts to dismantle progress

Engage Latinos to elect climate champions

Drive the national narrative about the clean energy plan

Counter climate disinformation targeting Latinos

Not only did we get something done, it was our country’s largest investment in climate ever, larger than any investment of any nation in the world. Now, we have to implement effectively, implement equitably…we’re going to build on that success because it’s important for climate, it’s important for public health, right? It’s our community that’s disproportionately impacted by air pollution, water pollution, et cetera, and it just makes business sense.

Sen. Alex Padilla