About Us

In 2020, we set out to win the politics of climate—and we succeeded. We built public support and political will for action—then pushed policymakers to deliver.

In 2024, we must secure progress by electing climate champions. That starts with Joe Biden who—with the support of a Democratic majority in Congress—has taken more climate action than any other president in history. We will educate and mobilize Americans to vote for clean energy progress and to secure a healthy planet for future generations.

Why Us

Climate Power is a strategic communications organization focused on winning the politics of climate. We’re educating Americans about our climate progress, highlighting how clean energy investments benefit local communities, and holding Big Oil accountable for polluting our air and water. We use data-backed messages to pave a path for bold action and shine a light on the price of ignoring the climate crisis would cost our health, economy, and future generations.

Our Goal

Now, our goal is to protect climate progress and build the political will for future bold climate action. That means we will help everyone understand how the clean energy future: 

And along the way, we’re going to hold Big Oil executives and their MAGA allies accountable for fueling the climate crisis while gouging Americans at the pump. We’re countering the disinformation they are spreading by fighting back online, in the media and with education campaigns in local communities across the country.

We can do this work together. We’ll make running against climate action bad politics. We’ll drive our leaders to deliver the progress we need.

Want to join us? Let’s get started.

Our North Star

It’s simple: To lock in our climate progress and build the power needed for future wins, we must secure progress by electing climate champions in 2024.

The science is clear: The climate crisis is here. Voters support bold action. And we’re already seeing how climate progress in America is changing lives for the better.

Climate change touches every aspect of our lives — from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to our utility bills, to the more devastating and extreme weather we experience every year.

So we’re sharing the realities of this crisis by lifting up stories of Americans facing extreme weather, fighting for clean air, and pushing for a more just, equitable future. We’re telling the data-backed story of the progress we’re building together toward a better, cleaner future: hundreds of thousands of new jobs, billions of dollars in investments across the country and more affordable, accessible renewable energy for more of America.

That means localizing and personalizing the impacts of climate progress being made right now — from local hiring, to lowered energy bills, to cleaner air and water — and protecting our progress against those who want to dismantle all we’ve achieved together.

This is our moment.

The stakes have never been higher, for our country or for our future.

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Game Changer

Thanks to President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan, climate action is bigger and better than ever—which means more jobs, lower bills, and healthier communities.