The Clean Energy Boom is Here!

170,606 jobs
272 projects
44 states

Since President Biden’s clean energy plan kicked into high gear last summer with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, clean energy companies announced over 170,000 new, good-paying jobs (and counting!) all across the country.

This is the progress we’ve been fighting for, together, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this moment with you.


Workers are powering up our communities and driving our clean energy economy! But the wellbeing of our economy depends on the wellbeing of our workers.

That’s why these clean energy jobs are the kind of jobs you can raise a family on -- and many of them don’t require a college degree.

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The clean energy plan is working. The boom is here. We’re celebrating over 170,000 new jobs and counting.

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Subject Line: Why I’m excited about 170,000+ clean energy jobs

Hi [Name of friend, nickname for group of friends, whatever you like!],

I just heard there are more than 170,000 new, good-paying jobs (and counting) in the clean energy industry and just had to share the news with you!

That’s just from the past year since President Biden’s clean energy plan kicked into high gear with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The clean energy boom is here. This is the progress we’ve been fighting for — more people need to hear about it to join us in celebrating!

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Workers are powering up our economy and our communities — literally — by creating clean energy right here in America. That’s why I am so excited to hear about so many good-paying, family-supporting jobs being created to build the clean energy future.

[What else are you excited about? Why does 170,000+ jobs make you feel hopeful about our clean energy future? Let your friends know!]

I need your help to keep spreading the word, so more people can join us in the celebration. Join me in helping spread the news with Climate Power:




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Bonus Points: Pump up the music, shimmy those shoulders, and do a little dance to celebrate the incredible progress we’re making together. Seriously, we’re so proud to be in this fight with you!