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Subject Line: Join me in voting for our future


We’ve celebrated hundreds of climate wins from the Biden-Harris administration. Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan:

– Workers are building the clean energy future from communities all across the country;
– We’re cleaning up the air we breathe and the water we drink;
– And we’re taking on Oil and Gas executives, holding them accountable for pollution.

But none of these climate wins would be possible without people like you and me who marched, called and emailed lawmakers, and voted for climate action.

As climate voters, we will decide what kind of future we want this November. And I’m voting for one with cleaner air and water, good clean energy jobs, and climate action — not one where a wannabe dictator and polluting industries call the shots.

Join me in taking the Climate Voter Pledge today:

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Looking for ways to join the climate fight? Take the Climate Voter Pledge 

Let’s vote for a future with cleaner air + water, good clean energy jobs, & climate action, not one where a wannabe dictator + polluters call the shots.