State of the Clean Energy Jobs Boom Report

Since President Joe Biden’s landmark climate and clean energy investments became law in August 2022, companies have taken bold steps forward to build our clean energy future. New manufacturing in wind, solar, batteries, electric vehicles (EVs), and energy storage projects across the country means new, good-paying jobs. Companies have announced or moved forward with projects accounting for more than 312,900 new clean energy jobs for electricians, mechanics, construction workers, technicians, support staff, and many others.

THe Numbers

  • 312,900

    new clean energy jobs

  • $361 billion

    $361 billion in investments across 47 states and Puerto Rico


Georgia4130,661 JOBS$23.88 BILLION
New York2328,934 JOBS$115.45 BILLION
Texas4623,146 JOBS$16.45 BILLION
Michigan5821,490 JOBS$25.38 BILLION
Kansas521,077 JOBS$4.24 BILLION
Nevada1620,098 JOBS$14.50 BILLION
South Carolina3117,865 JOBS$15.01 BILLION
New Mexico716,625 JOBS$2.99 BILLION
Arizona2015,570 JOBS$11.24 BILLION
Ohio2713,669 JOBS$10.43 BILLION
North Carolina2612,090 JOBS$19.18 BILLION

“Donald Trump is promising to kill more than 300,000 American clean energy jobs as part of his billion dollar “deal” with oil executives, and he needs to answer for it. The American people deserve cleaner, cheaper energy choices, and American workers deserve to make them here at home — but Trump is willing to inflict a true economic “bloodbath” just so oil executives can keep gouging us at the pump, with no competition to worry about. Trump is siding with the Chinese government to overturn Biden’s clean energy law, and if he gets his way he will forfeit the economic future to them once and for all.”

Lori Lodes Executive Director