State of the Clean Energy Jobs Boom Report

Since President Joe Biden’s landmark climate and clean energy investments became law in August 2022, American companies have taken bold steps forward to build our clean energy future. New manufacturing in wind, solar, batteries, electric vehicles (EVs), and storage projects across the country means new, good-paying jobs. In just over a year, companies have announced or moved forward with projects accounting for more than 271,713 new clean energy jobs for electricians, mechanics, construction workers, technicians, support staff, and many others.

  • 271,713

    new clean energy jobs across the United States.

  • $352


    in investments across 47 states and Puerto Rico between August 16, 2022, and February 28, 2024.

“President Biden’s clean energy plan is revitalizing communities across the country, with over half of all new clean energy jobs created in Republican-led districts. As president, Donald Trump shuttered factories, shipped jobs overseas, and endangered our air and water. He will do it again if given the chance. It could not be more clear that Donald Trump and his MAGA allies are bought and paid for by Big Oil, when they would rather kill over a quarter of a million good-paying jobs, many in Republican districts, than continue investing in a clean energy boom that is creating jobs, lowering energy bills, and protecting the health of hard-working Americans.”

Lori Lodes Executive Director


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