En Acción is a project of Climate Power focused on reaching and mobilizing Latinos on climate and the impact of a green economy. 

EN ACCIÓN’S MISSION: Lead the climate narrative for Latinos to protect and advance climate progress.

EN ACCIÓN’S VISION: We envision a future where the majority of Latinos around the country prioritize climate as a kitchen-table issue and understand that climate progress is essential for Latino community wellbeing.


  • We run a communications rapid response operation to drive the national and local climate narrative for Latinos. 
  • We develop and run campaigns and Latino-tailored products to educate Latinos on climate and the benefits of a green clean energy economy.
  • We develop and run campaigns to influence Latino voters in key states to support climate progress.
  • We collaborate with Latino organizations and community leaders interested in working on climate, the expansion of a clean energy economy, and further climate progress.
  • We work to counter climate disinformation and misinformation in Spanish targeting Latinos.
  • We collaborate with influencers and content creators to drive the digital climate narrative for Latino audiences.


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“Latinos understand how climate change is increasingly impacting their lives and the urgency needed to address this crisis. At the same time, they see hope in climate action at the federal level. They recognize the progress achieved with the Inflation Reduction Act and its climate investments. This trend will only grow in the near future as the law continues its implementation.”  —Antonieta Cadiz, Deputy Executive Director for Climate Power En Acción

Sen. Alex Padilla

"Not only did we get something done, it was our country’s largest investment in climate ever, larger than any investment of any nation in the world. Now we have to implement effectively, implement equitably…we’re going to build on that success because it’s important for climate, it’s important for public health, right? It’s our community that’s disproportionately impacted by air pollution, water pollution, et cetera, and it just makes business sense.

Rep. Gabe Vasquez

"We talked about energy production and energy independence and what that means to our national defense and to our national security. That story hasn’t changed, it’s just evolved, right? Latinos are now risking their lives in different ways than they did before. So when we talk about environmental justice and we talk about oil and gas production, we have to acknowledge that there’s people who are sacrificing their bodies and the health of their families and their communities because we haven’t enacted enough provisions or legislation to keep those families safe and keep those communities safe.



The number of Latino eligible voters has increased by 4.7 million since 2018, representing 62% of the total growth in U.S. eligible voters during this time.

source: Pew Research


An overwhelming 83% of Latinos note that they were worried about the increase in planet temperature.

source: Climate Power


Number of projects located in communities of color across 34 states that are creating more than 85,263 new clean energy jobs and bringing $100.34 billion in investment.

source: Climate Power

Proven Success

In 2022, Climate Power En Acción cemented its work inside Climate Power’s Latino Engagement Department in four areas: communications, paid, partnerships, and disinformation.

En Acción’s features

Last year, we landed over 770 media hits with Latino media outlets. In the previous three years, we have positioned Climate Power as a key player in the climate narrative prevalent in Latino media.

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