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Subject Line: how we can protect future generations together


Republicans in Congress have delayed a government shutdown a couple of times now this year. But if there’s anything we can expect from them, it’s that once again, when government funding runs out in January, they’ll try to leverage that crisis to roll back our climate progress, cancel thousands of clean energy jobs, and kill the clean energy boom. They’ve already tried and failed 31 TIMES!

That’s why I signed up to join Climate Power’s Climate Core. Join me, and in the new year, we’ll fight back together to protect our future for generations to come:

We’ll get plugged in with ways to pressure our lawmakers, share critical updates online, and speak out to defend the clean energy future.

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Last summer, we passed historic climate action into law & it’s created over 211K jobs in 45 states + Puerto Rico so far. But in January, House Republicans are likely to use the next government funding deadline to repeal our climate progress. They’ve already tried to 31X!

Join me in signing up for Climate Power’s Climate Core. So in the new year, we can work together to fight back & protect our future for generations to come: