Summer Extreme Weather is Intensifying Due to Climate Change and Climate Deniers 

This week North Carolina is slated to be on the receiving end of punishing high temperatures into the 90s. Communities across the country are feeling the effects of extreme heat, droughts, wildfires, tornadoes, and hurricanes. According to NOAA, as of May 2024, there have been eleven billion dollar weather events in the United States so far in 2024. NOAA also issued the highest-ever May forecast for the coming hurricane season, and NOAA’s latest projections gave 2024 a 61% chance of beating 2023 as the warmest year on record. 

These are not isolated events. The science is clear: Climate change is fueling extreme heatdroughtswildfires, and hurricanes. It’s equally clear that state and federal policies, and elected officials making these policies, play a huge role in the impact of extreme weather. 

Impact of extreme weather in North Carolina:

Since taking office, President Biden has taken concrete action to mitigate extreme weather and build climate resiliency in communities across the country. The Biden Administration’s clean energy plan has driven billions of dollars invested in clean energy production, affordable clean energy for small businesses and individuals, mitigation against climate impacts, and community climate resilience

In stark contrast, Trump’s presidency made the nation more vulnerable to extreme weather events as he repeatedly revoked pro-climate policies, stifled climate science, mocked extreme weather disasters, and allowed the oil and gas industry to pollute our air with toxic greenhouse gasses that drive climate change. 

Meanwhile, Trump’s Big Oil and Gas CEO allies aren’t meeting their promises to tackle climate change with actual investments. Instead, they are proactively backing away from them. In the past year and a half: 

Trump and Big Oil and Gas CEOs have falsely blamed renewable energy sources for blackouts and grid failures during extreme storms, all while raking in profits as thousands of people suffer. This focus on profits over people will continue if Trump is elected in 2024, with Big Oil already writing orders and Trump promising to gut President Biden’s climate action.