Arizona Leaders Celebrate House Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act’s Historic Climate & Clean Energy Investments

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Today, Arizona leaders issued statements of support following the House passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which is the most significant climate legislation in U.S. history. Arizona stands to benefit tremendously from these historic climate and clean energy investments, which will create thousands of good-paying union jobs across the state and lower consumer energy prices, while combating the worst effects of climate change and advancing environmental justice. 

The Inflation Reduction Act has broad support from Arizonans, who have been hit hard by the worsening climate crisis. A new poll from Data for Progress found 60% of Arizona voters support the Inflation Reduction Act, including 85% of Democrats, 43% of Republicans, and 59% of Independents. Elected officials as well as labor and clean energy leaders throughout Arizona are praising passage of this landmark legislation, saying: 

Andres Cano, Arizona State Representative: “Young people have been the driving force behind the groundswell of climate advocacy we’ve seen in recent years. They would not take no for an answer and because of them and their fierce pursuit of a better future, Congress has passed the most ambitious climate and clean energy law in American history. The Inflation Reduction Act is a game changer for Arizona, with major investments in clean energy that will turbocharge our already booming solar industry, save people money on energy bills, and create good-paying jobs across the state. This is the first step towards the just future young people have envisioned and I am honored to continue this fight alongside these changemakers.”

Lauren Kuby, former Vice Mayor of the City of Tempe: “Climate can’t wait. Confronting the climate emergency and reducing carbon pollution is critical to communities across Arizona. This historic legislation will help our cities and towns reduce the threats of a historic drought, extreme heat, wildfires, and dirty air. The Inflation Reduction Act will protect our agricultural communities and lay the groundwork for the next generation of Arizona jobs in rural and urban areas alike. Arizona is one of the sunniest states in the nation and has a bright and clean future ahead. Simply put, this landmark bill will empower Arizona’s transition to a clean energy economy.”

Lisa Otondo, Arizona State Senator, Minority Whip: “Arizona is facing a historic drought while our state gets hotter every year.  We’re feeling the impacts of climate change already and we don’t have time to wait.  Arizonans support investment into clean energy and actions to protect our dwindling water supplies.  I applaud the Democratic leadership in Washington for this bold step to address climate change head-on and to create new, high-wage jobs in our state.”

Delbert Hawk, President of I.B.E.W. Local 640: “The effects of climate change fall disproportionately on working men and women as well as disadvantaged communities.  As a union leader in Arizona, I see this reality every day.  Arizona families know first-hand the devastating droughts, water shortages, and extreme weather conditions that climate change can provide.  Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, leaders in Washington like Mark Kelly and Tom O’Halleran are taking a crucial first step towards ensuring Arizona is a safe, healthy place to raise a family.”

Joy Seitz, CEO, American Solar and Roofing: “As a clean energy business owner, I know just how impactful the investments in the Inflation Reduction Act will be.  Thanks to Mark Kelly, Kyrsten Sinema, and Tom O’Halleran, Arizona will have thousands of new, high-wage clean energy jobs.  Without this historic investment, Arizona’s economy would be among the most heavily impacted by climate change.  As a business leader and a CEO, I’m grateful to our leaders in Washington for tackling this urgent problem.”

Kris Mayes, former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Chair: “As the co-author of Arizona’s first Renewable Energy Standard, the Inflation Reduction Act is a necessity to move Arizona forward for our economy, job creation, environment and better public health. We have a serious water crisis that we must contend with immediately. Our extreme heat and extended wildfire season costs our state billions of dollars, not to mention the additional health costs associated with heat and air pollution which especially impacts our most vulnerable residents. Action from our federal government is long overdue.”

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