MEMO: Latino Voters Support Clean Energy Investments and Climate Accountability

For Latino voters, the rising cost of goods and services is a top issue. Majorities of Latinos report spending more on groceries, home electricity bills, energy costs, housing costs, and home insurance costs over this past year. Furthermore, Latino voters recognize extreme weather events driven by climate change and pollution have a direct impact on increasing kitchen table costs, and view climate action, including expanding the clean energy industry, as important.

Climate Power En Acción and Data for Progress recently surveyed 1,251 Latino likely voters nationally, including an oversample of Latino voters in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, offering the survey in both English and Spanish. This polling finds that Latino voters are concerned about climate change and related issues, think fossil fuel companies often compromise the health and safety of their workers, and want to hold oil and gas companies and their CEOs accountable for their contributions to the climate crisis. Latino voters are generally in favor of climate actions that would address other related top concerns, like the cost of living and public health. In addition to differences across partisanship throughout the survey, we observe differences by age. Compared with older voters, Latino voters under 45 prefer the expansion of clean energy over fossil fuel energy and view the clean energy industry as offering cost-saving and job creation benefits.