Critical climate and clean energy investments will create millions of good-paying jobs, lower energy costs for families, invest in disadvantaged communities, and reduce climate pollution. Not only are Floridians demanding climate action now, with 76% of registered voters supporting Congressional action on climate change, but they are also experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change. Florida stands to lose more homes and real estate value to sea-level rise damage than any other state in the country, demonstrating precisely why Congress must act now to pass the Inflation Reduction Act to secure Florida’s future. Here’s why Florida needs the climate investments in the Inflation Reduction Act now: 

Voters in Florida want solutions to the climate crisis.

Investing in clean energy means thousands of new jobs for Florida.

Floridians are already feeling the impacts of climate change.

If we do nothing, it will get worse for communities across the state and cost billions of dollars.

Climate change and fossil fuel pollution have a disproportionate impact on people of color in Florida.