REPORT CARD: Trump Gets an F in Michigan; In November, He’ll Get an L

Washington, D.C. – Ahead of today’s Michigan primary, we’re here to remind you that Donald Trump failed Michigan families and the economy as President. His anti-worker and climate-denier agenda cost families jobs and made Michigan’s air and water dirtier, threatening the health of communities across the state. Trump rolled back clean cars standards that would have saved families money at the pump and protected wages for workers across the nation. The rollback was estimated to cost Michiganders over $745 million per year. Families in Michigan can’t afford another Trump presidency. 

En el mismo bote: Historias de la Crisis Climática – 2/26/24

El aire que respiran nuestro hijos sí importa. Nunca lo había pensado hasta que lo viví al ser voluntaria de la escuela. El aire que respiran los profesores y nuestros hijos, cada día del año escolar. Ya sea al esperar para subirse y bajarse de los buses escolares, como en el turno de llegada o salida de los autos. Son varios minutos expuestos a un aire cargado con polución vehicular. No es justo, ni para ellos, ni para nuestros hijos.

Donald Trump’s Energy Plan: Kill Clean Energy Jobs in South Carolina

Washington, D.C. – Rally after rally, Donald Trump has promised to reverse President Joe Biden’s Clean Energy Plan, which has helped create over 210,000 clean energy jobs across the country, with over half located in states and districts represented by Republicans. South Carolina’s turbocharged clean energy economy is at stake if Donald Trump wins in 2024. Ahead of the South Carolina primary, Alex Glass, Climate Power’s managing director of communications, released the following statement

REPORT CARD: Trump’s Climate Failure Hurt Michigan Families

Washington, D.C. – Ahead of what’s expected to be another misinformation-filled speech by Donald Trump in Michigan today, we’d like to once again remind you of how he failed Michiganders as president. Trump decimated Obama-era climate policies that helped families save billions on health care costs and protected thousands from climate-linked medical problems. If re-elected, Trump will gut President Joe Biden’s clean energy plan, jeopardizing the $21.3 billion in investments Michigan has already seen in new clean energy projects. Another Trump presidency would hurt Michigan’s environment, economy, and health, especially in communities of color.

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