15 Days ‘til Default: GOP’s Default on America Act Could Kill 9 Million+ Clean Energy Jobs in the Next Decade

Washington, D.C. — Congressional MAGA Republicans are dead set on killing the Inflation Reduction Act, even though their communities stand to lose the most if their Default on America Act becomes law. Yet again, Republicans are choosing Big Oil over the wellbeing of their constituents. 

According to BlueGreen Alliance, the Inflation Reduction Act will create 9 million jobs in the next decade—repealing the Inflation Reduction Act could stop these jobs cold.

Districts at risk of losing the most jobs if Default on America Act becomes law:

  • KS-3 – 20,500 clean jobs at risk
  • NY-22 – 9,000 clean jobs at risk
  • AZ-4 – 6,400 clean jobs at risk