ADVISORY: Telemundo Climate Action Town Hall With Climate Leaders from AZ and NV to Highlight How Bold Climate Investments Will Champion Climate Justice

The event, featuring State Rep. Raquel Teran, Rudy Zamora of Chispa Nevada, and Felipe Benitez of Corazon Latino will bring together climate leaders to discuss what Arizona and Nevada have to gain from meaningful climate action. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, State Representative Raquel Terán, Rudy Zamora (CHISPA Nevada), and Felipe Benitez (Corazón Latino), will join Telemundo journalist Jimena González to discuss the urgent need for climate action in Arizona and Nevada to uplift Latino communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis. The Latino community is one of the most impacted by the climate crisis–disasters like extreme heat, wildfire, and air pollution disproportionately impact the health and wellbeing of Latino communities in Nevada and Arizona, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Climate investments can be transformative for our communities and our environment, creating jobs for those who need them most while mitigating the most dangerous effects of the climate crisis. The investments that are possible now could be a crucial turning point for Latinos in the fight for climate action and environmental justice. 

“We are in a code red moment. The climate crisis is putting our community in danger every single day, and without significant climate action every single one of us will suffer, from Latino workers putting their lives in danger working under extreme heat to our entire families that in a matter of hours can lose everything after an extreme weather event like a flood or climate fire”, said Antonieta Cadiz, Associate director for Latino Media for Climate Power. “We are the ones that can lose the most and the ones that can win the most if we get transformative climate investments where Latinos can play an important role in our transition to a green economy”.  

“Our Madre Tierra -Mother Earth- is screaming at us to pay attention: wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, extreme heat…the time to act is now!. We have the technology, the financial resources, and political will to make systemic changes to care for and honor our planet through the use of clean energy while creating jobs and prosperity for our communities”, said  Felipe Benítez, Executive Director for Corazón Latino.

This event features: 

  • Telemundo Journalist Jimena González
  • Arizona State Representative Raquel Terán 
  • Rudy Zamora, Program Director for Chispa Nevada
  • Felipe Benitez, Executive Director for Corazón Latino

Media interested in this event can reach out to Antonieta Cadiz, [email protected]