VIDEO: America is Burning. We Can’t Wait.

Washington, D.C. –  Today, Climate Power 2020 released a new digital spot highlighting the need for bold action on climate change as the entire West coast faces severe wildfires fueled by the climate crisis.

President Trump calling climate change a “hoax” and blaming California for causing the fires, juxtaposed with the images of the West burning, it is clear that Trump’s active denial of science is putting our environment and the lives of Americans in grave danger.

“The climate crisis is here, it’s severe, and the out of control wildfires consuming the West are just the latest alarm bell sounding the need for bold action,” said Climate Power 2020 Executive Director Lori Lodes. “Despite more than four dozen public events in recent weeks, President Trump has failed to address the wildfires at all. With his blame-shifting accusations and bogus suggestions about sweeping the forests, Trump is quite literally fanning the flames of an anti-science movement that is endangering Americans’ lives on the West Coast and across the country.”

In May, a Climate Power 2020 poll found that Trump’s record of  denying science as it relates to climate change and coronavirus deepens negative feelings about Trump and changes the minds of key swing voters against him.  Furthermore, a separate July Climate Power 2020 poll found that youth and Latino voters overwhelmingly support strong government action to fight climate change.