Trump Doesn’t Have An Environmental Record, So He’s Going To Florida To Pretend Otherwise

Washington, D.C. – President Trump is in Jupiter, Florida today to discuss his so-called “environmental accomplishments,” but this is a lie as his record as the most anti-nature president in history is hurting Floridians and the state’s economy. 

It’s been reported that today’s speech will focus on a pledge to invest in the restoration of the Florida Everglades. But you should be prepared for Trump to offer a number of falsehoods and lies. The truth is the Trump administration is expanding offshore drilling, selling off public lands and waters to Big Oil CEOs, and attacking critical safeguards that protect our air and water from harmful pollution.

It’s clear why Trump is desperate to lie about his anti-environmental record in this critical swing state. Climate change touches nearly every industry and family in Florida — regardless of geographic or political affiliation. And Trump’s ‘climate change is a hoax’ strategy is a losing message in a state where the election will be decided by narrow margins —  59% of Floridians are worried about climate change and 61% of Floridians believe the president should do more to address it.

“Trump patting himself on the back for his nonexistent environmental record while denying climate change is a slap in the face to the millions of Floridians living with the consequences of his climate destruction,” said Lori Lodes, executive director of Climate Power 2020. “The truth is Trump is threatening to open Florida’s waters for offshore drilling, gaslighting Americans on algae and fish kills, and polluting our drinking water.” 

Here are some of Trump’s most dangerous environmental actions, their consequences, and how his record has hurt Florida families:

Trump plans to open Florida’s waters for offshore drilling. 

Trump’s policies are making toxic algae blooms worse.

  • Toxic algae linked to respiratory conditions and serious illness plagues Florida’s waterways. Red and blue-green tide algae are fueled by pollution and turbocharged by climate change.

Trump’s policies have gutted conservation efforts in Florida.

  • Trump’s FY2021 budget proposed what one Everglades advocate called “the minimum investment needed” for Everglades restoration after facing bipartisan pressure.

Trump continues denying climate change even as Floridians struggle with the consequences.

  • Currently, 3.5 million people are at risk of coastal flooding in Florida and by 2050, an additional 1.1 million people are projected to be at risk of coastal flooding due to sea-level rise.
  • More than 1.5 million people are currently at risk of inland flooding in Florida.

Trump’s climate denial is hurting Florida’s economy. 

  • Climate change will cost Florida $100.9 billion a year by the year 2100.
  • Florida stands to lose more homes and real estate value to sea level rise damage than any other state in the country as, by 2100, more than 1 million homes in Florida will face flooding.

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