BINGO! Tonight’s GOP Debate Will Be A Race for Second Place

Washington, D.C. – Tonight, GOP presidential hopefuls will battle for, well, second place in the Republican presidential primary. Donald Trump is all but assured to be the GOP nominee for 2024, leaving the rest of the candidates to fight for the scraps of public acknowledgment. In their pursuit of the consolation prize, candidates have repeatedly denied the reality of the climate crisis and parroted Big Oil’s anti-clean energy talking points. If you have the misfortune to be tuning in, why not play bingo?

Here’s what these GOP candidates don’t know but you should: 

There is no war on energy. 


Republican calls to “drill, baby, drill” are another way GOP candidates shill for Big Oil. 

  • Clean energy is popular with voters across parties, and it’s delivering jobs. In just over a year since President Biden signed the clean energy plan into law, businesses have announced projects creating more than 210,000 new jobs and $310 billion in investments
  • A majority of job growth is in GOP districts, and voters are seeing the benefits already.


The President’s clean energy plan is popular with Americans across the nation, and it’s delivering for families. Republicans want to roll it back, and that’s a political liability. 

  • Significantly, 72% of young voters who care about climate say they are “extremely likely” to vote in 2024, compared to 57% of youth overall, meaning that GOP alignment with oil and gas CEOs is a liability. 
  • Republicans in Congress have already tried to repeal the climate investments in President Biden’s climate plan 31 times, ignoring constituents who are benefitting from the law. 


Clean energy that is made in America benefits families in America. 

  • Made-in-America products – including clean vehicles, solar panels, and wind turbines – are moving our supply chain away from China and bringing jobs back to the United States – to the tune of more than 210,000 jobs in just a year. 
  • President Biden’s clean energy plan addresses the need to bring the production of vital strategic assets back onto U.S. soil. It’s about American jobs. Any obstruction to the implementation of the clean energy plan is a direct attack on American workers and American families. 


The United States is on the cutting edge of clean energy innovation and production, which is reducing pollution and benefiting families at home and across the globe. 

  • President Biden’s clean energy plan will reduce air and water pollution, protecting our children and families from asthma, heart disease, and other health issues. 
  • The clean energy plan is expected to cut air pollution by enough to avoid 100,000 asthma attacks and nearly 4,000 deaths a year. Power plants across the country contribute to approximately 25% of harmful climate pollution in the US, making investments in clean energy sources is vital to protecting families’ health.