Climate Power, LCV Announce Paid Media Push in D.C. and Key States of AZ, GA, NH, NV to Get the Build Back Better Act Over the Finish Line

Congress: “This isn’t just another vote, this is your moment”

Washington, D.C. – As Build Back Better Act negotiations reach a critical point and fossil fuel-interests ramp up their misinformation campaign about the bill and the positions of key Democratic senators, Climate Power and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) are unleashing new TV ads in Washington, D.C., Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire because, one ad says, “our very way of life is at risk.” These new ads are the latest addition to more than $40.5 million Climate Power and the League of Conservation Voters have invested in paid media across the country this year to set the stage for historic action on climate through the Build Back Better Act.

WATCH NATIONAL AD: “The Moment” (up on cable in Washington, D.C. and nationally on MSNBC’s Morning Joe along with the Rachel Maddow Show)

WATCH SAMPLE STATE AD: “For Families” (Sen. Cortez Masto – running on TV in Nevada)

Versions of “For Families” will air in the following markets:

  • Arizona statewide (Sen. Kelly)
  • Georgia statewide (Sen. Warnock)
  • Nevada statewide (Sen. Cortez Masto)
  • New Hampshire statewide (Sen. Hassan)

WATCH NEW SEN. OSSOFF AD: “Innovation” (running on TV in Georgia) 

“This is our climate moment and it’s time to get this done,” said Climate Power executive director Lori Lodes. “There is no question that the Build Back Better Act is our best shot to make the investments we need to finally take on the climate crisis, create millions of good-paying jobs, lower families’ electricity bills by $500 a year and tackle environmental injustice. This is a code red moment, and Congress must seize it and get a bill that passes the climate test across the line.” 

Congress has an opportunity right now with the Build Back Better Act to save their constituents $500 a year on their energy bills, create good-paying union jobs, and build a healthy, more equitable clean energy future — all while slowing the devastating impacts of the climate crisis,” said Pete Maysmith, LCV SVP of Campaigns. “It’s no surprise that fossil fuel-interests are ramping up their false attacks as we near the finish line — the bad news for them is that the Build Back Better Act is overwhelmingly popular in every corner of the country. The time is now for President Biden and Congress to quickly pass the Build Back Better Act.”

Ad scripts are below.

“The Moment” 

It’s always been true

That each generation has a moment

To make sure it’s leaving the world a better place

For future generations

And right now

Is our moment

Climate change has reached a crisis point

Our very way of life is at risk

Members of Congress

You have a chance right now

To pass a plan that finally takes it on

This isn’t just another vote

It’s your moment

To get it right for them

Congress: Pass the Build Back Better Act


“For Families” (Ad backup linked here)

Don’t believe the false attacks against Senator Cortez Masto

She’s fighting to create good paying clean energy jobs

That will grow our economy and take on climate change

With the Build Back Better Act

It’s a clean energy plan 

That will create thousands of good jobs for Nevada workers

Cut energy costs for families by $500 a year

While tackling climate change for future generations

It’s a win win for Nevada workers and families

Thank you Senator

For fighting to build back better


“Innovation” (Ad backup linked here)

What has always driven America’s economy forward?

Innovation, hard work, investing in new technologies that create whole new industries

Senator Ossoff is fighting for major investments in clean energy technologies

Powering our transition to a clean energy economy

Putting people to work in good paying jobs tackling climate change

With new industries that drive the future forward

Call and thank Jon Ossoff for helping America Build Back Better

Because America’s doers, fixers, and makers

Are ready to go