Context for Rising Heating Costs: Energy Company Profits Announced Next Week

WASHINGTON, D.C. – One of the big story lines of the coming weeks and months is sure to be the rising cost of home energy. The context for this reporting is critical to give voters a complete picture of what is happening and why. As temperatures drop around the country, wealthy Big Oil executives are forcing working families – many of whose budgets are already stretched – to worry about choosing between buying groceries and heating their homes. This added stress on families’ budgets comes after record-breaking profits in the second quarter for many of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world, and just ahead of another profits release that is expected to be significant. In recent weeks, President Biden warned oil executives against price gouging and profiteering off the backs of working Americans, but prices at the pump indicate that they’re unwilling to put people ahead of their profits. Quarter three profits are expected to confirm that Big Oil executives are continuing their profiteering as winter sets in. 

Expected Q3 profits release dates: 

Company Expected Q3 Release Date Company Expected Q3 Release Date
NextEra Energy 10/19/2022 Edison International 11/1/2022
Halliburton 10/25/2022 Marathon Oil Corp. 11/1/2022
Valero Energy 10/25/2022 Exelon Corp. 11/2/2022
EQT Corp. 10/26/2022 Devon Energy 11/2/2022
DTE Energy Co. 10/26/2022 Pioneer Natural Resources 11/2/2022
Hess 10/26/2022 Coterra Energy Inc. 11/2/2022
Shell 10/27/2022 APA Corp 11/2/2022
TotalEnergies SE 10/27/2022 Occidental Petroleum 11/3/2022
Xcel Energy Inc. 10/27/2022 Cheniere Energy Inc. 11/3/2022
Equinor 10/28/2022 ConocoPhillips 11/3/2022
ExxonMobil 10/28/2022 Murphy Oil 11/3/2022
Phillips 66 11/1/2022 Chevron 11/4/2022
Marathon Petroleum 11/1/2022 Enbridge 11/4/2022
BP 11/1/2022 TC Energy 11/4/2022
Chesapeake Energy 11/1/2022 EOG Resources 11/4/2022
Ovintiv Inc. 11/1/2022 Diamondback Energy Inc. 11/7/2022