House Ways and Means Committee’s Proposal Lays Out Fully Paid-For Investments for Creating Jobs, Lowering Energy Costs and Tackling the Climate Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The House Ways and Means Committee released its proposal for the Build Back Better Act to drive climate pollution reductions, create millions of good paying jobs, and lower energy costs for families. All without raising taxes for working families or the middle class. Instead, the wealthiest of Americans and corporations will pay their fair share for a plan that will avoid the worst of the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs. 

In response, Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power, issued the following statement:

“Working families, America’s middle class, low-income individuals, and people on the frontlines of environmental injustice are not the reason our climate is at the brink of collapse. It should not be on them to fix this problem. The House Ways and Means Committee’s proposal shows how Congress can meet the Climate Test while ensuring corporations pay their fair share instead of leaving everyday Americans to pay for the mess polluting corporations have made. The investments laid out by the Ways and Means Committee will create millions of clean energy jobs, ramp up new technology and clean energy manufacturing, while cutting climate pollution in half in the next decade. The Build Back Better Act is a win for working families, a win for cutting costs, and a win for our climate.”