ICYMI: Rep. Tlaib, State Sen. Chang, & Michigan Labor Leaders Lead Grassroots Event on the Need for Immediate Bold Climate Action

To watch the full event, click here.

DETROIT, Mich. – Yesterday, Climate Power hosted Michigan leaders to discuss the need for bold climate action and how these investments would benefit the state by creating jobs, lowering costs for families, and combating climate change and environmental injustice. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, State Senator Stephanie Chang, and Bryan Lewis of EcoWorks joined the event moderated by State Director of the Blue Green Alliance, Frank Houston. Following the conversations with  these climate and labor leaders, Climate Power led a grassroots storytelling training forMichiganders to learn how to share their powerful personal stories with their elected officials to  drive them to take immediate bold climate action.

Below are some highlights from the event:

While discussing the high gas prices facing Michiganders right now, Congresswoman Tlaib emphasized the need to move away from  fossil fuel dependency, which leaves consumers vulnerable to volatile price surges. She  highlighted the investments that Michigan is already making to become a leader in the clean energy future and how this is key to unlocking true energy independence and consumer savings.

  • “We have to move away from the fossil fuel economy. We don’t have to live like this – at the mercy of greedy corporations destroying our planet for profit. You should know that there is information already coming out that the industry was already talking about gas prices back in February.”

  • “Michigan has established itself as a national leader in electric vehicles, so I know it is great to see many of us leading in that and building both the cars and the infrastructure for those. I know a total transition to electric vehicles is an essential part of our clean energy future, but we also have to make sure and work extremely hard that everyone can afford to participate in it.”

State Senator Stephanie Chang highlighted the need to bring more people into the conversation about the  energy future and how this can benefit the people of Michigan. She also noted the economic benefits of good-paying clean energy jobs.

  • “I think when we’re talking about our clean energy future and talking about addressing climate change, we’ve got to talk about what is the impact of climate change that we’re seeing in our communities and how could we bring people into this conversation to help fight for that clean energy future.”

  • “The hourly wages for clean energy jobs exceed national average by between 8 and 19%. An industry has fewer educational barriers even in high paying positions, and that’s huge. It’s such an amazing opportunity for people. I really feel like Michigan has got the opportunity to be at the forefront of the change that we’re seeking to address right now.