MAGA Republican Shutdown Will Hurt the Economy, Impede Disaster Relief Efforts

Clean Energy Economy, Climate Disaster Funding, National Park Access, and Wages at Risk with MAGA Republican Shutdown 


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Extremist Republicans are poised to send our government into a shutdown, threatening the country’s safety and hurting the economy. MAGA Republicans refuse to come to the table to work with Democrats to fund the government, and the consequences will harm Americans nationwide. 

The MAGA meltdown will: 

  • Hold up disaster relief: the MAGA Republican shutdown will halt the disbursement of climate disaster funding and allocate no new funding for relief efforts, leaving survivors of climate disasters like Muai’s wildfires and Hurricane Idalia with no support. 
  • National parks will suffer: the MAGA Republican shutdown will cause national parks to close, causing millions of dollars in losses and threatening the economic livelihood of 20,000 National Park Service employees. 
  • Slow economic growth: the MAGA Republican shutdown will increase business uncertainty, slowing or halting investments. 

“Time and time again, Republicans would rather bat for Big Oil CEOs than families and essential workers—raising costs and killing clean energy job growth,” said Claire Moser, deputy executive director of Climate Power. “MAGA Republicans’ government shutdown is just the latest example of how their extremism is putting Americans livelihoods at risk.”

Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, MAGA Republicans have tried to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act 16 times, much to the support of Big Oil.