Nevada Leaders Call for Urgent, Bold Climate Action Ahead of Secretary Granholm’s Visit

Washington, D.C. — Today, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm is expected to travel to Las Vegas for a roundtable discussion with Governor Steve Sisolak, Representative Steven Horsford, and clean energy advocates. During the visit, Granholm and Nevada leaders will likely discuss the urgent need for the infrastructure and climate investments outlined in President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan and how the plan would inject new life into Nevada’s economy while combating climate change.

Nevada has been hit hard by the climate crisis, facing severe drought that threatens water supplies, deadly extreme heat, and longer and more destructive wildfire season. Nevadans know that bold climate action can’t wait and that is why 80% of Nevadans support the American Jobs Plan, including the investments in clean energy. The plan would harness the economic and energy potential of Nevada’s endless sunny days, enabling the state to create a boom of good-paying jobs while reducing pollution.  

Ahead of Granholm’s visit, local leaders in Nevada spoke out about the urgent need to pass the American Jobs Plan and how this ambitious infrastructure and climate action would benefit their communities: 

State Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui, Chair of Nevada State Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor:

Big and bold investments in infrastructure and climate are the key to growing Nevada’s economy and creating tens of thousands of good paying jobs here at home. Each day that Congress stalls in passing the American Jobs Plan, is a missed opportunity for Nevadans to take the lead in the clean energy economy of the future. Nevadans can’t wait — climate change is here and Congress must pass bold climate action now.”

Rudy Zamora, Program Director CHISPA Nevada:

“For years we have fought tirelessly to protect communities in Nevada from the worst air pollution in the country, along with the dreadful impact of extreme weather in the state. The American Jobs Plan is an opportunity to help us reach that goal. It includes transformational investments in clean energy and infrastructure with environmental justice at the heart of it. Now is not the time for half measures, our communities can’t wait any longer. We need Congress to act now.” 

Dr. Allison Stephens, Executive Board of the DNC Climate Council, Director of Black Engagement, and public health expert

“If you’re Black or Brown in Nevada, you are more likely to breathe toxic air and drink poisonous water. For far too long, our leaders have failed to fight for environmental justice, and our communities have paid the price physically, emotionally, and financially. Right now, we have a real opportunity to right these wrongs. President Biden’s American Jobs Plan would create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs right here in Nevada, while investing in Black and Brown communities, cleaning up legacy pollution, and ensuring safe drinking water for all.”

Duy Nguyen, Executive Director of One APIA Nevada:

“Faced with the economic fallout of the pandemic, a rise in hate crimes, and enduring environmental injustice, the Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) community has suffered tremendously in the past year. As we look towards rebuilding, my community must have a seat at the table when talking about how to fix what’s broken. The American Jobs Plan is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to drive direct investment in long marginalized communities, like my own, and create tens of thousands of good-paying clean energy jobs here in Nevada. This is the change we’ve been fighting for — now, it’s up to Congress to act boldly.”