New Climate Power Ad Touts Build Back Better Plan’s Focus on Lowering Costs for Families

Ad Airing in Washington, D.C. and Nationally on Cable

Washington, D.C. – As part of its $10 million investment in paid advertising during the congressional recess, Climate Power is airing a new ad, “Lower Costs,” in Washington, D.C. and on cable nationwide. The ad focuses on the Build Back Better plan’s elements that will lower costs for families across the country.

“Families need relief,” said Climate Power deputy executive director Claire Moser. “The Build Back Better Act will lower electricity bills and help families deal with the rising costs of other needs like health care and prescription drugs. Costs will go down for families by making the ultra-wealthy and huge corporations pay their fair share in taxes. No one making under $400,000 will pay a dime more in taxes under the Build Back Better plan.” 


Just getting by. 

It’s an ongoing struggle.

That’s why President Biden and Democrats in Congress have a plan to lower costs for America’s working families.

Lower costs of health care premiums.

And the price of prescription drugs.

Pay less for electric bills by moving to clean energy. 

We do it all by making the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.

It’d be a win for the everyday American family.

Right when they could really use one.

Congress, let’s get this done.

The new ad comes as CEOs from ExxonMobil and other major corporations are mobilizing an effort to block relief for families in order to pad their profits.