NEW: Climate Power Report Finds President Biden’s Clean Energy Boom is 210,000+ Jobs Strong

NEW: Climate Power Report Finds President Biden’s Clean Energy Boom is 210,000+ Jobs Strong

Over 33,000 Jobs in 31 States Are in Rural Communities 

Washington, D.C. — President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan is turbocharging our clean energy economy, revitalizing communities across the country. According to Climate Power’s latest clean energy boom report

  • Clean energy businesses have announced or moved forward with more than 210,000 jobs across 45 states and Puerto Rico
  • The report details 388 clean energy projects, totaling $310 billion in new investments. Since Climate Power’s last report, businesses have added or announced 40,000 new jobs, totaling $31.62 billion in investments
  • This report is Climate Power’s first to break down the clean energy boom in rural communities, which are benefiting from significant clean energy investments. Since August of 2022, 70 new projects are located in rural communities, totaling $35.59 billion in new investments and 33,578 new clean energy jobs

“President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan is bringing good paying manufacturing jobs back to communities across America — uplifting local economies and lowering energy costs, all while lowering toxic emissions,” said Alex Wall, Climate Power’s senior advisor for clean energy economy. “In small towns, big cities, and everywhere in between, Americans are benefitting from our surging clean energy economy. Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress have tried to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act at least 25 times, even though the clean energy boom benefits their communities the most. The contrast between President Biden and MAGA Republicans in the House couldn’t be any clearer.” 

“President Biden’s clean energy plan is working, and it’s setting off America’s next economic boom,” said Gina McCarthy, Managing Co-Chair of America is All In. “American workers and businesses are mobilizing to build the clean energy economy, showing that in every corner of our country, growing the economy goes hand-in-hand with tackling the climate crisis. This isn’t some far-off dream. We’re building the economy of the future right here in America: one that’s healthier, cleaner, and more just.” 

Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, businesses have the security and stability they need to break ground on new facilities, creating good-paying jobs in the process. Climate Power’s reports consistently find that a majority of the nation’s clean energy project growth has occurred in districts represented by Republicans. Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, 120,573 new jobs and over $242 billion in investments across 200 clean energy projects are in 109 districts represented by House Republicans.