NEW POLL: A Bold Climate Action Plan has Wide Backing from Voters Concerned about Severe Weather, Pollution in Their Communities

 New polling reveals Americans see the climate crisis impacting their daily lives, and that a comprehensive approach, like the American Jobs Plan, must be passed  

Washington, D.C. — Today, a new national poll of voters found broad support for a bold climate plan, as majorities of Americans are concerned about the impacts of pollution and severe weather on their daily lives. The findings showed the popularity of the comprehensive approach taken by the American Jobs Plan, which is being reported to be included in a reconciliation package from the Senate, that stops the climate crisis, creates clean energy jobs, and brings environmental justice to frontline communities. 

“These results crystallize that Americans have had enough talk, they want climate action from Congress,” said Jason Phelps, Advisor for Climate Power. “The stakes are too high. American homes are threatened by seasonal disasters growing ever more extreme, pollution has festered in too many neighborhoods for decades, and workers are ready to build our clean energy future. To unleash quality job growth and achieve true environmental justice, Congress must pass the full American Jobs Plan.”

“From coast to coast, Americans are experiencing the impacts of climate change in their own backyards,” said Danielle Deiseroth, Senior Climate Analyst at Data for Progress. “These results make it overwhelmingly clear that voters want lawmakers to take action and pass ambitious proposals to not only combat the climate crisis, but also ensure we create a clean energy economy that works for all Americans.”

The June 2021 national survey from Data for Progress for Climate Power surveyed likely voters, focusing on their views of how environmental problems were impacting their communities. It then delved into their support for the comprehensive climate solutions and policies within the American Jobs Plan that would put people to work building a clean energy future for the country. 

Among the key findings of the poll are:  

  • A majority of voters are concerned about the impacts of unemployment, air and water pollution, extreme weather, and climate change on their communities
  • 61 percent of voters think the government should provide more assistance to cities and states for improving the resiliency of infrastructure to extreme weather events
  • 57 percent of voters support the American Jobs Plan without any additional information about the bill
  • Support for the American Jobs Plan jumps to 65 percent after giving voters a description of the bill that emphasizes the proposal’s key climate and clean energy provisions
  • Bipartisan majorities of voters think nearly all of the key climate and clean energy investments in the American Jobs Plan will have a positive impact on their communities
  • Two-thirds of voters think it is important that investments to create clean energy jobs are kept in the American Jobs Plan as lawmakers in Congress negotiate the proposal
  • Two-thirds of Democrats and a plurality of Independents think Congress should pass the American Jobs Plan before departing for the August recess

You can read the full poll memo here.