NEW POLL: Majority of Latino Voters in Arizona Support Clean Energy Investments in the Build Back Better Act to Create Jobs and Fight the Climate Crisis

A new poll from BSP Research and Climate Power shows that acting on climate is a priority for Latinos in Arizona who see the climate investments in the Build Back Better Act as a key way to make progress on top political issues.

PHOENIX, Ariz. An overwhelming majority (89%) of Latino voters in Arizona think Congress and President Biden taking climate action should be an important priority for this year According to a new poll from BSP Research and Climate Power, Latino voters in Arizona and across the country want to see the Build Back Better Agenda passed, which includes clean energy tax credits and environmental justice policies. While the climate investments in the Build Back Better Act are still being debated in Congress, Arizona Latinos made clear that they want to see President Biden’s climate agenda enacted to create thousands of jobs across the state, lower energy costs, and protect the community from pollution and climate change. 

Latinos in Arizona are living with the impacts of the climate crisis now: from working in dangerous and deadly extreme heat, to paying higher energy costs, to living in areas with some of the worst air pollution in the nation.  According to the American Lung Association, 90% of Arizona’s Hispanic population lives in a county that received a failing grade for ozone air pollution. This reality has made climate change a key issue for Latino voters across the state. 

Seventy-four percent of Latino voters in Arizona think that extreme weather events are a direct result of climate change, and 84% say the situation is getting worse each year. Climate change is also a big issue for Latino’s at the polls — it holds nearly as great of importance as the DREAM Act in terms of issues that determine their vote. Fifty-six percent of Arizona Latino voters said they would not support a candidate who opposed national legislation to address and reduce climate change even if they agreed with them on other issues. This is on par with how many (55%) a candidate opposing the DREAM act would be a dealbreaker.

Even though climate change impacts all of us, decades of environmental injustice have put the greatest burden on communities of color. Latinos are the most exposed and the least likely to recover after an extreme weather event. This is why the Build Back Better Act resonates so strongly in the community —  it shows a clear path forward to mitigate climate change through a strong clean energy economy, while making strides towards environmental justice and protecting communities of color from toxic pollution. 

Latinos are one of the groups that will benefit the most from these bold climate and clean energy investments. Nationally, Latino households have a median energy burden (24%) greater than white households. In Phoenix, the share of income spent on energy costs is 20% higher for the Hispanic population than it is for the general population. Arizona has massive potential for energy cost savings  if utilities harness the abundant power of the state’s solar resources. With the clean energy investments included in the Build Back Better Act, Arizona could see nearly 100,000 new clean energy jobs each year for the next decade and boost overall household income across the state. This clean energy  job creation  would benefit Latinos, who already make up 20% of workers in the wind and solar industries.

Here are some key takeaways from the poll released today:

  • 75% of Latino voters in Arizona believe climate change is a very serious problem, with 38% calling it a crisis.
  • Arizona Latino voters are most concerned about extreme heat and longer heatwaves, followed by more frequent and more severe wildfires (22%), and longer and more extreme droughts (21%). 
  • 92% of Latino voters in Arizona believe that it is important for Congress to pass legislation to build a clean energy economy that protects Latino communities from pollution and climate change.
  • 89% of Latino voters in Arizona believe that it is important for Congress to pass legislation that brings on a better clean energy economy and many jobs for the Latino community.
  • 88% of Latino voters in Arizona believe that it is important for Congress to pass  legislation that reduces extreme weather, fires, droughts, and hurricanes which have made it harder for their families to work and earn a living.
  • COVID is the most important issue for Latinos. Decades of exposure to pollution left Latinos more vulnerable to serious illness and death during the pandemic. Latinos understand the connection between health and environmental injustice first hand. 
    • That is why protecting the health of their families by reducing toxic pollution in the air and water is a key reason 88% of Latino voters in Arizona believe Congress should pass this legislation.
  • 85% of Latino voters in Arizona support legislation that creates millions of additional clean energy jobs in fast-growing industries like wind and solar. 
  • 86% of Latino voters in Arizona support legislation to make oil and gas companies pay their fair share for the pollution they create.
  • 85% of Latino voters in Arizona support legislation that would reward electric utilities that generate more electricity from clean energy sources, like wind and solar.
  • 78% of Latino voters in Arizona support legislation to make electric vehicles more affordable for consumers by providing tax rebates for the purchase of electric vehicles.
  • 87% of Latino voters in Arizona support legislation to lower energy costs by making homes, schools, buildings, and vehicles more energy efficient.

Latinos in Arizona are on the frontlines of the climate crisis, and the Build Back Better Act would go a long way to protect families, communities, and jobs from the extremes of climate change.  

The Build Back Better Act includes transformational clean energy tax incentives as well as key environmental justice provisions, including climate justice block grants to reduce pollution in frontline communities; cleanup of superfund sites; investments in healthy ports; a Civilian Climate Corps, and more. With the Build Back Better Act, Congress has a historic opportunity to create thousands of good paying jobs, boost household income, and reduce pollution in Latino communities.

The Build Back Better Act is the most significant climate bill in history.

Congress needs to pass it now. Americans can’t keep waiting for the pollution cuts, lower costs, and millions of jobs that this would deliver:

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