NEW POLL: Majority of Voters in Rep. O’Halleran’s District Want Congress to Make Bold Investments in Climate, Pass Full Build Back Better Act

Washington, D.C. — Sixty-four percent of voters in Arizona’s First Congressional district want Congress to make bold investments to fight the climate crisis, according to new polling from Data For Progress and Climate Power. Arizonans are demanding their representatives in Congress pass the full Build Back Better agenda — which includes the bipartisan infrastructure bill and budget reconciliation —  after living through increasingly devastating extreme weather that has ravaged their communities and the economy. Meanwhile, Arizonans know that climate investments will cut energy costs, create jobs, and reduce pollution.

Arizonans are living on the front lines of the climate crisis. Arizona has faced extreme heat and droughts throughout the state which led to the first federal declaration of a water shortage on the Colorado River — impacting the water supply of over 40 million people. Arizona’s Telegraph wildfires burned hundreds of thousands of acres in the state prompting evacuations for Arizonans living close by impacted areas. Arizonans also faced flash flooding as remnants from Hurricane Nora pushed through the state causing damages to communities. Arizonans know that the climate crisis is putting their futures and communities at risk. Recent data from the Yale Program on Climate Communication shows 61% of voters in AZ-01 are worried about the climate crisis and even more (66%) worrying about how the climate crisis will hurt future generations.

Arizonans understand that we need to take bold action, which is why a majority of voters in the First Congressional district support more funding and tax credits for clean energy production and implementing limits on climate emissions. Arizona is already a leader in clean energy production, ranking 19th in the nation in clean energy jobs. More than 56,000 Arizonans work in the clean energy industry and the additional investments in the Build Back Better plan would accelerate job growth in this booming sector, putting more Arizonans to work while reducing fossil fuel emission rates.

The politics around climate have changed in Arizona, but also across the nation. Voters are demanding Congress to meet this moment by passing the full Build Back Better agenda, with investments in clean energy jobs and cutting fossil fuel emissions. Americans from every corner of the country are living with the consequences of climate inaction as historic wildfires, hurricanes, drought, and extreme weather ravages their communities and hobbles the economy. 

Topline results from the AZ-01 district polling can be found here

Here are some key takeaways from the poll:

  • 64% of AZ-01 registered voters believe it’s important for Congress to make additional investments along with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal that address climate change and extreme weather, create clean energy jobs, and reduce pollution
  • 56% of AZ-01 registered voters support the full $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan that would invest in addressing climate change and supporting families.
  • 44% of AZ-01 registered voters said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who opposes the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan.
  • A majority of voters in each of the eight districts believe it is important for Congress to make additional investments to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal that address climate change and reduce pollution.
  • A majority of voters in each of the eight districts believe the $3.5 trillion funding for the Build Back Better plan should be increased or kept the same.