Ohio Is Ready For The American Jobs Plan

President Biden’s trip to Cleveland highlights how Ohioans benefit from the American Jobs Plan’s big, bold investments

Clean Energy Investment Means Jobs For Ohio. Building the clean energy economy can help Cleveland’s economic recovery by putting even more people to work building clean energy sources, making buildings and homes more energy efficient, and restoring our public lands and waters.

  • Ohio is already home to  103,437 jobs in the clean energy sector, including generating clean renewable energy and improving energy efficiency.
  • Ohio ranks 5th in the nation for rural clean energy employment. In 2020, Ohio had a total of 15,788 rural clean energy jobs.
  • President Biden’s plan to invest in electric vehicle charging stations and to purchase electric vehicles for government fleets can help jumpstart new manufacturing jobs at Ohio businesses.

For People Of Color In Ohio, Air Pollution Is A Matter Of Life And Death. A clean energy economy also means protecting the health of people most harmed by fossil fuel pollution.

  • The Cleveland area was ranked the 14th most polluted U.S. metropolitan area for year-round particle pollution levels and Cuyahoga County received a failing grade from the American Lung Association for high ozone days.
    • Black people are three times more likely to die from air pollution than white people.
    • Latino communities breathe in 75% more air pollution from vehicles than white residents, the most of any demographic group.
  • The American Jobs Plan allocates 40% of the total investment in climate and clean infrastructure to disadvantaged communities.

Ohioans Want Bold Solutions. Strong investments in building the clean energy economy is the right thing to do politically because outside of the partisan gridlock of Washington, investing in new jobs to address the climate crisis is what the voters want.

According to a survey conducted by Data for Progress:

  • 73% of Ohioans Support The American Jobs Plan.
  • 77% of Ohioans Support Investments In Clean Energy Jobs.
  • 73% of Ohioans Want Congressional Action on Climate Change.