Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson’s Agenda Will Be Big Oil’s Wish List

WASHINGTON, D.C. – New House Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson is tight with the climate-denying Heritage Foundation, authors of Project 2025, a slate of pro-oil policies that voters widely reject. Johnson has taken more than $338,000 from the oil and gas industry – his biggest donor – in just four terms and as Speaker is poised to deliver more of the same: endless votes to repeal critical climate and clean energy investments, more climate denial, and loyalty to Big Oil. Johnson’s ties to the Heritage Foundation begs the question; will it be Speaker Johnson’s agenda or Big Oil’s?

Polling shows that by wide margins, voters favor elements of President Biden’s clean energy plan and reject key planks of the Project 2025 plan, including:

  • Repealing consumer tax credits and rebates passed as part of the clean energy plan (66% to 19%);
  • Repealing tax credits for clean energy companies passed as part of the clean energy plan (59% to 28%);
  • Downsizing the EPA and beginning a “pause and review” of major environmental regulations (61% to 31%); 
  • Eliminating environmental justice mandates (69% to 21%);
  • Abolishing regulations on fossil-fuel-fired power plants to reduce carbon emissions (58% to 31%);
  • Pulling out of the Paris climate agreement (55% to 34%); 
  • Removing protections from national parks, monuments, and other public lands (75% to 17%); and 
  • Eliminating the EPA’s existing standards on vehicle carbon pollution (59% to 30%).