Statement on President-Elect Nominating Climate Advocate to Head Department of Agriculture

Washington, D.C. — Today, Lori Lodes, executive director of Climate Power 2020, issued the following statement on Joe Biden’s decision to nominate Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture:

“Rural communities have been devastated by both climate change and the Trump administration. President-elect Joe Biden understands we need to build back better with a clean energy economy that helps revitalize family farms and staves off future climate catastrophes that risk damaging our nation’s food supply and economy. As the former secretary, Tom Vilsack will be well-placed to immediately capitalize on the critical role the Department of Agriculture must play in mitigating the impacts of the climate crisis. With Biden’s commitment to a government-wide approach to the climate crisis and Vilsack’s experience, we’re hopeful that Vilsack will commit his expertise to achieve ambitious climate action.” 

Vilsack has a deep understanding of how rural communities are impacted by the climate crisis and how they can lead the charge against climate change. He was a key voice in shaping Biden’s plan for rural America, which called for the agricultural sector to become the world’s first to achieve net-zero emissions. As secretary of agriculture, he will play an important role in Biden’s ambitious all government approach to climate by incentivizing farmers to reduce emissions, protecting family farms, innovating agricultural practices, and investing in solar and wind power in rural areas.

As governor of Iowa, Vilsack advocated for expanding wind energy, making Iowa a national leader in wind power.