The White House Justice40 Proposal is a Key Step to Centering Environmental Justice Communities in Climate Action

Washington, D.C. Today, the White House released its interim guidance for implementing the Justice40 Initiative, which aims to drive much needed and long deserved investments into communities hit hardest by environmental and economic injustice. The interim guidance holds true to President Biden and Vice President Harris’ commitment to prioritize these communities in efforts to stop the climate crisis by ensuring at least 40% of all climate and clean infrastructure investments are made in areas hit hardest by pollution and environmental degradation.

 Lori Lodes, Climate Power Executive Director, issued the following statement:

“Low-income neighborhoods and communities of color have long been the dumping grounds for pollution at the same time they are experiencing the most devastating impacts of the climate crisis. Families endured highways tearing up their neighborhoods, lived in the shadow of dirty power plants, and were ignored when unsafe drinking water filled their faucets. Meanwhile, access to the benefits that come with rooftop solar, electric vehicles, and energy efficiency remained out of reach for these communities. With today’s guidance, President Biden and his Administration are taking a critical first step to bringing justice to communities suffering from decades of legacy pollution and the worst impacts of climate change. Congress must follow President Biden’s lead by passing a bold reconciliation package that reduces pollution and drives us towards a just and equitable economy by investing in our communities on the frontlines.”  

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