What They Are Saying: Michigan Leaders Praise the American Jobs Plan Ahead of Biden’s Visit

Today, President Biden is expected to tour the new Ford electric vehicle (EV) plant in Dearborn. Michigan’s growing EV industry stands to benefit greatly from clean energy investments outlined in Biden’s American Jobs Plan. 

Michiganders overwhelmingly support the American Jobs Plan, with 80% approving of the plan and 82% favoring investments in clean energy jobs, according to polling by Data for Progress. Moreover, 79% of Michiganders want Congressional action on climate change.


Ahead of Biden’s speech, several Michigan leaders  joined the chorus of support for Biden’s plan.  

State Senator Mallory McMorrow:President Biden’s American Jobs Plan is the most ambitious climate and jobs creation proposal in several decades, one that includes a most needed expansion of the electric vehicles market in the United States. His vision will allow us to continue to be leaders in the global economy –not followers–  and will make a significant difference for thousands of working families in the state that have suffered with a struggling economy even before COVID hit. Michigan has a rich history of innovation and our workers have the knowhow to make Biden’s vision a reality. We are ready to build the next generation of electric vehicles here in Michigan, transforming our state’s economy, ensuring a more prosperous future, and safeguarding clean air and water for generations to come.”

State Senator Stephanie Chang: “I’m grateful that President Biden has made it a priority to invest in the American people,” Sen. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) said. “His American Jobs Plan will advance racial equity and deliver overdue investments to disadvantaged communities, including Detroit, and right years of wrongs that have perpetuated economic, racial, and environmental injustices. No one should have to worry about lead pipes or clean drinking water, especially during a global pandemic and especially in the Great Lakes State. Underserved Michiganders living in environmental justice communities and other areas affected by pollution certainly welcome all federal dollars that will help safeguard them and their family members’ health.”

Theresa Landrum, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition: “Biden needs to fulfill the commitments he made to environmental justice communities in Michigan to create green jobs and end the dangerous pollution that is killing the hardest hit people, especially Black, Brown and Indigenous communities like mine, that have these legacy polluters in our front yards. We need President Biden to provide direct investment into our communities. The American Jobs Plan will create millions of good jobs that can help clean up our neighborhoods, safeguarding clean air and fresh water for future generations. Biden’s agenda supports clean energy now, and makes important steps towards ensuring affordable water and utilities and shutting down antiquated pipelines that threaten fresh water for millions of people internationally. He needs his team to push the Justice40 Initiative for the sake of all people. Environmental justice impacts every aspect of our lives globally.“

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, Former Health Director in the City of Detroit: “From the poisoning of our air in communities like Detroit’s 48217 zip code to the poisoning of our water, Michigan families deserve an agenda that finally tackles climate change. The American Jobs Plan is a step in the right direction, putting Michiganders to work to build the clean energy future we all deserve.”

LaTricea Adams, White House Environmental Justice Advisory Councilmember and Founder & CEO of Black Millennials 4 Flint: “There is no environmental justice without a just infrastructure. The water crisis in Flint underscores the devastating and lasting toll that poisonous infrastructure has on our communities. But it’s not just Flint — across Michigan and throughout the U.S., there are countless other communities paying the price of failed leadership. President Biden’s American Jobs Plan makes an important first step towards righting these historic wrongs and ensuring clean drinking water for all by eliminating lead pipes. While these long-overdue infrastructure updates will protect future generations, Biden and Congress must do more to provide for the victims enduring long-term health consequences from years of environmental racism and corporate greed.” 

State Representative Alex Garza: “For too long, Latinos in Michigan have suffered the impacts of environmental injustice, from polluted air and water to leaders failing to take action to stop climate change. It’s time for the American Jobs Plan to create new good-paying jobs and invest in our community’s future. President Biden’s visit to Dearborn shows his commitment to creating opportunities in communities like ours, in Michigan and across the country, while bringing much-needed investments to frontline communities, creating new jobs and repairing decades of environmental injustice. The only way to prosper is to do it together, giving everybody the chance to have a healthier environment and a stronger economy.”