What They Are Saying: North Carolina Leaders Praise Historic Announcement of $4 Billion Electric Vehicle Facility Coming to North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. –  Yesterday, electric vehicle maker VinFast announced that it will build an electric vehicle (EV) and battery manufacturing facility in North Carolina. The groundbreaking $4 billion investment will create more than 7,000 jobs and provide hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles and batteries for North Carolinians and people across the country.

This is just the latest example of how President Biden’s economic agenda is moving the country toward a clean energy future and away from dependence on foreign oil. This investment from VinFast comes at a critical time and could help North Carolinians save money amid record-high fuel prices.

Making EVs more accessible will save consumers money while also reducing the emissions that are polluting our communities and driving the climate crisis. A January analysis from the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) shows that purchasing an electric vehicle can save owners anywhere between $6,000 and $10,000 over the car’s lifespan.  Electric vehicles are continuing to become more affordable for families each year, and experts predict that EVs will reach sticker price parity with gas-powered cars in less than two years.

North Carolinians know that a clean energy future will benefit our economy, environment, and national security, which is why this announcement has bipartisan support. The state has established itself as a clean energy powerhouse, with the workforce and research and development to lead the clean energy revolution.

Here’s what leaders in North Carolina and across the country are saying about VinFast’s announcement:

President Joe Biden
[The] announcement that the electric vehicle maker VinFast will build an electric vehicle and battery manufacturing facility in North Carolina – $4 billion to create more than 7,000 jobs and hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles and batteries – is the latest example of my economic strategy at work. It builds on recent announcements from companies like GM, Ford, and Siemens to invest in America again and create jobs.  Our efforts to build a clean energy economy are driving companies to make more in America, rebuild our supply chains here at home, and ultimately bring down costs for the American people.

Since taking office, we have implemented an industrial strategy to revitalize domestic manufacturing with create good-paying American jobs, strengthen American supply chains, and supercharge the industries of the future like electric vehicles – and we see that strategy paying off day after day. Last year, I signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to build out EV charging infrastructure and brought together the United Autoworkers and automakers at the White House to sign an executive order to get 50% electric vehicle sales share in 2030.

Congress has an opportunity with competitiveness legislation like the Bipartisan Innovation Act to double down on the progress we’ve made rebuilding our industrial base to create more good-paying jobs, make more in America – including semiconductors needed by our auto industry – and lower prices for working families.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper
North Carolina is quickly becoming the center of our country’s emerging, clean energy economy. VinFast’s transformative project will bring many good jobs to our state, along with a healthier environment as more electric vehicles take to the road to help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Representative David Price (NC-4)
I am excited to hear VinFast has chosen Chatham County, NC, as the site for their new electric vehicle and battery manufacturing facility!

This investment in clean energy will create over 7,000 good-paying American jobs and help alleviate global supply chain issues.

North Carolina Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-30)
[The] announcement is just another example of the unprecedented growth in North Carolina’s economy, fueled by low taxes, a strong workforce and reasonable regulations. Businesses small and large are finding a home right here in North Carolina.

North Carolina State Senator Valerie Foushee (D-23)
Many people and organizations have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring these new jobs and investment to Chatham County. Everyone in our region and across the state welcomes VinFast to our community, and we are committed to help this company succeed in North Carolina.

North Carolina State Senator Natalie Murdock (D-20)
VinFast is coming to Chatham County!!! Honored to have the opportunity to personally thank their CEO for bringing 7,500 clean jobs, $4B investment and opportunity to Senate District 20.

North Carolina House Democratic Leader Representative Robert Reives (D-54)
[Yesterday] I was proud to speak alongside  @NC_Governor and other leaders to announce VinFast’s investment in North Carolina and specifically Chatham County!

Over $4 billion in investments and more than 7,500 jobs are coming to Chatham County. This is a big win.

North Carolina Commerce Secretary Machelle Baker Sanders
Automotive assembly plants are incredible engines for economic growth, due to the positive ripple effects they create across a region’s economy. I’m so pleased that VinFast has decided to launch their North America manufacturing operations from our state, and we’ll work hard to make sure they find the skilled workforce they’ll need to grow and thrive in North Carolina.