What They Are Saying on Brenda Mallory’s Confirmation – ‘There are few persons as well qualified to tackle this challenge’

Washington D.C. – Today, Brenda Mallory, President Biden’s nominee to lead the White House Council on Environmental Quality, was met with strong support as she testified before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

Mallory, a former General Counsel for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, has dedicated her career fighting for just climate action and is one of the country’s top environmental regulatory policy experts. When confirmed, Mallory has pledged to restore environmental protections, tackle climate change, protect natural resources,  advocate for environmental justice, and implement President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda to millions of good-paying clean energy jobs.

National leaders, political figures, climate experts, and activists are strongly coming out in support of Mallory, highlighting her credentials, experience, and knowledge of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

What They Are Saying:

Former Council on Environmental Quality Officials Call Mallory an ‘Exceptional’ Nominee: “As former CEQ officials under both Republican and Democratic administrations, we know first hand the coordinating role CEQ has served to promote environmental and economic health and strengthen our national security…Brenda Mallory offers that exceptional quality with a depth of appreciation for the laws and policies that are needed to create and maintain conditions under which people and nature can exist in productive harmony, prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere, stimulate public health and welfare, and enrich our understanding of the ecological systems and natural resources important to the Nation.”[Letter from former CEQ officials to the Senate EPW Committee 03/01/21]

Former Republican Administration Officials Tout Her History of Bipartisanship, Leadership: We write today to enthusiastically support the nomination of Brenda Mallory to be Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality. While Brenda undoubtedly has the support of colleagues that served with her in the Obama Administration, we write as former leaders on environmental and natural resources issues who served in the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush. Many of us served alongside Brenda during her nearly 20 years of public service, and we all are familiar with her character and the approach that she will bring to addressing environmental and natural resource issues if she is confirmed by the United States Senate.” [Letter from former CEQ and EPA officials to the Senate EPW Committee 03/01/21]

Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) In EPW Hearing’s Opening Remarks Highlights Mallory’s Record As An Environmental Leader: “There are a few persons as well-qualified to tackle this challenge than Brenda Mallory. Ms. Mallory is a deeply committed civil servant with…extensive experience under both Democrat and Republican administrations. She’s a kind, compassionate person who brings people together to find solutions. That’s exactly the kind of leader we need working to address the climate crisis and improve access to clean air and water for all Americans by creating economic opportunities, job opportunities too.”
[Senate EPW Committee Hearing 03/03/21]

Senator Richard Blumenthal Remarks Underscore Mallory’s Environmental Values at the Senate’ EPW Committee: “Brenda Mallory is bipartisan, and she has common sense in dealing with all of these issues. Remember that Congress established the Council on Environmental Quality under the National Environmental Policy Act, which was signed into law by President Richard Nixon, obviously a Republican. Environmental values should be bipartisan and Brenda Mallory has lived those values without regard to partisan politics. And I would stress about her, and it may be the most important quality that any of us in public life have, that she is a listener….” [Senate EPW Committee Hearing 03/03/21]

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Looks Forward to Working With Mallory When Confirmed as Chair of CEQ: “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports the nomination of Brenda Mallory to serve as chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).  The Chamber looks forward to working with Ms. Mallory to advance the council’s mission of improving and protecting America’s public health and environmental quality.”  [U.S. Chamber of Commerce 03/02/21]

60 Conservation and Environmental Justice Organizations Call Mallory ”an outstanding addition to further elevate environmental justice within the White House”:
“As we work to build back a prosperous economy that provides millions of good-paying clean energy jobs, we need leaders who are able to see this opportunity through successfully. Brenda Mallory has a deep understanding of the issues involved and a commitment to achieving these goals. She is an outstanding addition to further elevate environmental justice within the White House, to protect public health, and to lead the climate fight with her expertise on resilience and equity. Her confirmation will help the Biden Administration meet the goals of an equitable and just transition to a clean and prosperous economy, and our organizations urge that the Senate swiftly confirm this highly qualified nominee.” [Letter from 60 Conservation and Environmental Justice Organizations to the Senate in Support of Brenda Mallory’s Nomination 03/02/21]

Dr. Mildred McClain From Harambee House, Highlights Brenda Mallory’s Role in Biden’s Commitment to Tackling The Climate Crisis: “NEPA requires government agencies to engage in a review process designed to identify and publicly disclose any significant environmental, public health, and socio-economic effects a federal action may have before a decision is made. Brenda Mallory’s nomination as Chair of CEQ sends a clear signal that President Biden is serious about taking concrete steps to confront both the climate crisis and our country’s legacy of social, political, racial and environmental racism.” [Statement from Dr. Mildred McClain 03/03/21]

The National Wildlife Federation Recognizes the Urgency of Confirming Mallory to Tackle The Climate Crisis and Bring Environmental Justice: “Working to overcome the monumental challenges imposed by the pandemic, while confronting the climate, biodiversity & environmental injustice crises will not be an easy task, which is exactly why our nation urgently needs the expertise of @Brenda_Mallory” [Twitter 03/01/21]

The League of Conservation Voters Highlights Mallory’s Record On Environmental Policy: “Having previously served as General Counsel to the Council on Environmental Quality, @Brenda_Mallory knows how to work across government to enact policies and advance climate and environmental justice goals. #ConfirmClimate” [Twitter 02/03/21]

Natural Resources Defense Council Highlights Mallory’s Environmental Record: “There are many reasons why Brenda Mallory is the right person to lead the @WHCEQ, one being: she already knows the lay of the land.
Having served on Obama’s CEQ, she provided legal support on policies to protect our land & public health.” [Twitter 03/03/21]

Sierra Club Urges Congress to Confirm Brenda Mallory: ”@Brenda_Mallory’s commitment to #ActOnClimate and her expertise in environmental justice makes her a #ClimateChangemaker. The Senate must confirm her to lead  @WHCEQ ASAP. #ConfirmClimate” [Twitter 03/03/21]

National Park Conservation Association Urges Congress to Confirm Brenda Mallory: “Brenda Mallory knows that marginalized communities and our national parks bear the brunt of climate change impacts. Under her leadership, CEQ could move swiftly to protect them. That’s why we are urging the Senate to confirm her and fast.” [Twitter 03/03/21]

Earthjustice Touts Mallory’s Commitment to Transition to Clean Energy:“To transition to 100% clean energy, we have to prioritize communities that have borne the brunt of fossil fuel pollution. @Brenda_Mallory is committed to that mission. #ProtectYourVoice #ConfirmClimate” [Twitter 03/03/21]