20 Days ‘til Default: 80,000 Battery Jobs on the Chopping Block if MAGA House Republicans’ Default on America Act Becomes Law

Washington, D.C. – Once again, MAGA Congressional Republicans are ignoring the interests of Americans and jeopardizing our competitive edge to protect Big Oil. MAGA extremists’ Default on America Act would stall America’s clean energy boom—putting thousands of jobs at domestic battery plants at risk and leaving America far behind in the global battery race. 

Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, states across the country have created over 83,000 good-paying jobs and at least 70 new battery plants. These jobs—the majority of which are located in Republican-led states—are essential to achieving our clean energy future and weaning the U.S. auto industry off its dependence on China for batteries. 

The states with the most battery jobs include: