Washington, D.C. — An analysis of national and state endorsements from major editorial boards shows climate change has emerged this year as an often cited reason media outlets opted to endorse in the 2020 presidential election. The politics of climate change are driving voting behavior and influencing the political debate.

Across the country and in key battleground states, editorial boards put climate change alongside COVID-19, the economy, and health care, as the most important issues facing the country. This increased focus on the climate crisis follows voters’ changing attitude toward the issue — as now a majority of voters, including Republican-leaning women, voters of color, and younger voters view climate change as a priority for both the next administration and Congress.

The increased attention to the climate crisis comes as the country has been gripped with extreme weather that has cost our economy millions and put the lives and health of Americans at risk. This year alone, more than five million acres burned on the West Coast and the Gulf Coast have been hit with supercharged hurricanes — including the recent Hurricane Delta that ravaged a small Louisiana town still recovering from Hurricane Laura. 

A clear underlying theme in these endorsements is the threat to our climate and how Trump and his anti-climate agenda can cause irreparable damage to our air, water, and public lands. The Trump administration has already rolled back nearly 100 critical environmental protections — all of which disproportionately affect Black and Latino communities.

Below are 24 media outlets, both national and in key battleground states, that have already cited clean energy, environmental racism, climate, and conservation issues as a major factor in their endorsement decision:

National Endorsements

New York Times: “[Biden] recognizes the fateful threat of climate change and has put forward an ambitious, $2 trillion plan to slash carbon emissions, invest in a green economy and combat environmental racism.”

Washington Post: “On climate change, where Mr. Trump denigrates scientists and dismisses warnings about a grave threat to humanity, just as he did with covid-19, Mr. Biden understands that no issue is more fundamental to the long-term prosperity of the nation or the world. He would make it a priority of his administration. Yet, resisting more strident voices on the left, he has declined to use the climate emergency to justify massive, unrelated programs, such as universal federal job guarantees or single-payer health care. Instead, he offers a credible plan for the right goal — making the country carbon-neutral by mid-century.”

Los Angeles Times: “Listening to the science validating climate change, repairing infrastructure, overhauling immigration policy, reforming campaign finance — these are all urgent tasks for the federal government, yet the current administration has ignored them. Biden would make climate change and clean energy central features of his approach to improving the economy, acknowledging the existential threat posed by the fossil-fuel industry.” 

The New Yorker: “Biden can rise to the challenge of the climate emergency. This year’s devastating wildfires illustrate how high the costs of failing to deal with climate change already are.”

Scientific American: “Trump also keeps pushing to eliminate health rules from the Environmental Protection Agency, putting people at more risk for heart and lung disease caused by pollution. He has replaced scientists on agency advisory boards with industry representatives. In his ongoing denial of reality, Trump has hobbled U.S. preparations for climate change, falsely claiming that it does not exist and pulling out of international agreements to mitigate it. The changing climate is already causing a rise in heat-related deaths and an increase in severe storms, wildfires, and extreme flooding.”

Nature: “Joe Biden must be given an opportunity to restore trust in truth, in evidence, in science and in other institutions of democracy, heal a divided nation, and begin the urgent task of rebuilding the United States’ reputation in the world.”

Endorsement in Key Battleground States








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