23 Days ‘til Default: Kevin McCarthy, Big Oil’s Favorite House Member, is Willing to Kill 77,000+ Clean Energy Jobs in His Caucus’ Districts

Washington, D.C. — Speaker McCarthy, who has received the most campaign cash from Big Oil in the House, is leading his caucus to kill America’s clean energy boom and the jobs it creates with his Default on America Act. By most estimates, including Climate Power’s, the majority of the clean energy job growth that the Inflation Reduction Act has created is in states and districts represented by Republicans in Congress. 

According to Climate Power’s Clean Energy Boom in Republican Districts’ report, since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, 77,261 clean energy jobs have been advanced in GOP-held congressional districts. The 107 clean energy projects in GOP districts generate nearly $200 billion in investments. 

GOP House Districts with the highest number of jobs are: 

Repealing President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act will stop our clean energy boom cold, and hurt the exponential job growth happening in Speaker McCarthy’s caucus’ districts—risking his already slim majority in the House.